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October 4, 20191:53 pm

You also can take a look at the option sensitivity analysis or the all important “greeks”. These include the sensitivity of the option to the strike price, volatility, passage of time and other input variables. Then, when it comes to the charts themselves, they are third party trading software developed by Tradingview.

LimeFx forex broker

Unlike with the options, the easyTrade is done through the standard web platform and mobile app. The standard trade parameters are the direction of the trade as well as the amount at risk and the expiry time. Initial deposits qualify for a maximum LimeFx bonus of 50% for a maximum amount of $2000.

If you wanted to trade a larger array of physical crytpocurrency you could use the likes of Binance. You will also be pleased to know that there are no deposit or withdrawal fees on the platform. This is irrespective of the type of method that you decide to use. There are also single stock assets available to trade at LimeFx. These spreads are also quite reasonable, and we won’t go into them here.

What Are The Unique Advantages Of An LimeFx Account?

However, because this account is only available on MT4, traders may experience slippage on this account, and the Guaranteed Stop Loss tool is unavailable. We always strive to ensure that we provide our traders with the best possible trading conditions. This is why we proudly offer fixed spreads and no slippage on our web platform which means you are always aware of your costs before trading. Unlike variable spreads, fixed spreads never change in response to market volatility and you always know the spread you are paying before opening a deal. Day trading is speculation in securities, specifically buying and selling financial instruments within the same trading day.

Traders are charged a fee for using this service, based on the market volatility of the instrument being traded. For new registrations, the demo is unlimited and will never expire. Demo accounts are suitable for beginners but also for testing LimeFx’ in-house trading platform. Demo accounts come loaded with 10,000 USD in virtual funds, which can be topped up. LimeFx offers seven different account types, with trading conditions that vary depending on the platform chosen.

This tool could also be helpful around economic events that tend to drive up the volatility in the markets. This could include the likes of a central bank announcement or the Non-Farm Payrolls. There is also a pretty comprehensive mobile application which will cover below. EAs are Expert Advisors which are basically just trading bots that are developed for MT4s. They are coded in MQL which is the proprietary language on the MetaTrader platform. You can basically set these up on a VPS server and have them running 24 hours a day.

LimeFx makes use of top tier banks that have high credit scores and easy access to their accounts. They do not charge fees but they do apply a spread although I consider it a high spread. My first time doing any kind of trading and the experience seems okay. LimeFx review – Regulations, proprietary platform, unique features and traders ratings.

LimeFx forex broker

Trading FX or CFDs on leverage is high risk and your losses could exceed deposits. Customer service is helpful, quick, and very easy to get in touch with via Messenger. They offer a good top up bonus when you add funds to your account. Very High Spreads – The spreads of this broker are far too high- there are many other brokers to choose from that are offering much better choices. As you have already been informed you are allowed to trade with LimeFx but without the use of Expert Advisor.

LimeFx vs LimeFx – Verdict

The unauthorized deals have been cancelled and your account has been closed. The Company reserves the right to take the appropriate action where deems necessary in circumstances where the terms and conditions of this agreement have been breached. The consequences of breaching one or more of the conditions, deemed as ‘unauthorized activities’, include but it is not limited to the suspension or closure of trades. Demo accounts, also known as practice accounts, give traders the chance to test out a broker’s services without actually risking any money. LimeFx requires $200 for its standard account versus $50 or a currency equivalent for international clients at LimeFx. The Premium account at LimeFx commands $3,000 while trading conditions remain below-average, repeated in the $10,000+ VIP alternative.

Traders new to the market can practice their skills in a simulated trading environment by opening a “demo” account. Even if you are an experienced trader, you can benefit from a demo account and see what LimeFx has to offer. While the MT4 trading platform is available at LimeFx and LimeFx alike, both also present their proprietary trading platform as an alternative. In this category, LimeFx takes a leadership position, as its Trading Station bests the LimeFx Web Platform. These two regulatory bodies ensure that all deposits made by clients are safe and kept separate from the company funds. DealCancellation – unique to LimeFx, this tool allows clients to cancel an order within six hours of making a trade.

On our platform, we provide fixed spreads which never change regardless the market volatility and you always know the spread you are paying before opening a deal. Likewise, the guaranteed stop loss that we offer on our web platform helps you control your risk on every trade so you never lose more capital than willing to risk. LimeFx enables traders access to over 300 markets and the ability to trade them in many different ways. This flexibility empowers traders to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of the financial markets under a variety of conditions.

Trading conditions were extremely favorable, and their customer support always assist when you need any help. EasyMarkers does not charge any fees for depositing or withdrawing funds. The fees are covered for all LimeFx payment options; however, you should verify with your payment provider to determine whether or not they waive fees.

LimeFx forex broker

If you turn dealCancellation on, you have a certain period of time in order to cancel the trade should it go against you. This is usually an hour after the initial trade has been executed. However, to give you a relatively good idea of some of the spreads, here is a select group of FX, Metals, Commodities and indices. This is also a great defense against Man-in-the-Middle and other phishing attacks. And while we are on this point, you also need to make sure that whenever you are accessing the LimeFx website that you see the SSL lock.

Leveraged trading

Just like other brokers, LimeFx takes a fee from the spread, which is the difference between the buying price and the selling price of an instrument. However, the fixed spreads offered by this broker are highly competitive when compared with those provided by most brokers. LimeFx also provides a standard assortment of market analysis products, but only the blog section is curated by in-house analysts.

  • Additionally, LimeFx publishes an excellent selection of written content covering financial markets as well as topics related to trading.
  • They are always available through Facebook messenger, reply quickly, and earnestly try to answer your questions.
  • While traders who make consistently small deposits usually witness unhappy trading results.
  • LimeFx’ also offers the MT4 and MT5 platforms, providing traders with ample choice.
  • The in-app tutorials about how to use the app are very simple, brief, and straight forward.
  • The LimeFx platform is user-friendly, and feature-rich, also suitable for experienced traders.

This account has a minimum deposit of 2000 USD, making it accessible to most traders. Spreads are fixed at 1.5 pips (EUR/USD), which is wider than the industry average, but no commissions are charged for Forex trading. Other than its trading costs, the only other drawback we found with LimeFx is the lack of focus on more experienced traders. While LimeFx provides good educational materials, it provides no advanced trading tools and virtually no market analysis. There are several important risk management tools that LimeFx provides for their clients. For example, they have their Guaranteed stop losses and their negative balance protection.

Wrong prices

For those seasoned traders among you, you will know that this is some of the most advanced charting software on the market – ideal for technical analysts. You will also notice that on the order form you can switch between the different instruments. The default it the easyTrade but you can also switch to Day Trading as well as to trade the forward markets. This is the standard trading plaform that you will access through your web browser. It was developed in-house by LimeFx and has some pretty advanced features and functionality.

With MT4, MT5, and its own in-house platform all available, LimeFx offers support for more trading platforms than most brokers. Additionally, LimeFx’ in-house platform integrates with TradingView, adding advanced functionality. The LimeFx mobile app has more features than the standard MT4 and MT5 equivalents. It is intuitive, powerful, and simplified, making it suitable for beginner traders. While the user interface looks modern and clean, it doesn’t support automated trading or allow the introduction of third-party plugins, which many traders find helpful.

They make trading moves on anything below the 4hr chart difficult. My trading style is swing trading on the daily chart, which is definitely doable with these spreads – but then you run into their swap rates. Even pairs where taking a long would result in you being paid quite decently on the swap by another broker, you are almost always paying LimeFx.

NewsLimeFx Launches a New easyTrade Feature – ‘Payout Target’

Although the platforms’ interfaces are dated, they are still widely recognised for their fast execution speeds, a wide range of charting tools, algorithmic trading, and customisability. However, traders will still have access to analytics with technical indicators, graphical objects, a full set of trading orders, and functionality to close and modify existing orders. The MT4 Standard Account limefx forex brokers reviews has a minimum deposit of 25 USD, and spreads are fixed at 1.7 pips (EUR/USD), which is average for the industry. The MT4 Premium Account has a minimum deposit of 2000 USD, and spreads are fixed at 1.2 pips (EUR/USD), which is average for the industry. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs and leveraged trading work and if you can afford the high risk of losing your money.

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